Monday, February 24, 2014

What's For Dinner?

Back from a month away in the United States, and the garden is abound with all sorts of goodies. Sidenote: it feels really good to be surrounded again by trees with leaves on them.  Getting back to the garden, we've had moderate sun and rain over the past month; without a main gardener at home certain plants get overlooked and begin producing heavily.  It's a good thing my pesky hands weren't all over the greens for that time, the garden enjoys plenty of rest as well.

A friend from Hawaii is visiting for dinner tonight, let's see what becomes of everything on this table...

- rocket and french sorrel
- jap pumpkin
- mary sheehan cucumbers
- 7 different kinds of capsicums (peppers), from medium to very hot
- chives and garlic chives
- radishes
- cherry tomatoes

What would you make?

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