@addmoregreen is comprised of a young team of game changers, ready to take on the world one garden at a time.  Through the use of organic gardening, we are driven by the desire to achieve community wealth in the areas that need it most.

Our Mission is to have the upper hand in creating sustainable villages and cities, ensuring we urbanize in ways that will allow us to live in a cleaner and greener future.

Our Values will drive us to carry out our mission based on Community, Education, Nature, and Resourcefulness. 

Nick Kovaleski

My desire to change the world through healthy living, fruits, vegetables, and organic gardening started in September 2010, when I made the conscious decision to become a dedicated vegetarian.  A year later, I found myself transplanted in Australia (see image above) where I have been able to develop my skills and habits as a self-sufficient (semi) veggie-head.  Given the space and the right climate, I was able to witness first hand how easy and satisfying it is to grow it yourself and how much better homegrown food tastes.

Fast forward another few months to March 2012 when I finally found it in myself to begin sharing this mindset and these practices with the world around me.  After studying Entrepreneurship at +Babson College, I knew I had the skill-set to share the world of organic gardening with others through an industry perspective.  The concept for Add More Green was born and since then has evolved into a blog focused around my own sustainable practices and those I witness during my travels domestically and abroad.

The concept is certainly not going to stop there...I have a passion to help developing nations shape their communities into sustainable cities for our future; something I think will be essential if we continue growing and urbanizing at the current rate.  Starting in September of 2013, I plan to use the social crowdfunding platform +StartSomeGood to raise funds for my first step in the process.  With a successful campaign, I will be able to travel to Central America (starting in January 2014) in search of a community that will accept and benefit from the addition of a community garden based on "Profitable Planting".

Profitable Planting is a concept where homegrown fruits, vegetables, and herbs create community wealth not only monetarily, but also nutritionally and mentally.  I want to teach others how to organize, operate, and create a sustainable business.  It is my goal to find a team of local change makers interested in starting a garden of their own, and by sharing the tools I learned about Entrepreneurship with the methods I practice as an organic gardener, we will set up an organization based on micro-finance.  With small loans offered to these groups, they will be able to purchase the land, gardening supplies, and marketing supplies they need to start a business of their own.  The responsibility, ownership, and creativity I would like to instill upon these individuals will drive them to market to share and sell their produce and products to harness the concept of Profitable Planting.

For now, I myself need to learn more about what #sustainability means to me and how I can use that knowledge to make the most of this initiative.  Keep up to date with my travels and discoveries through new posts and contact us at weaddmoregreen@gmail.com with any questions or suggestions!

Here's a video I've made for a presentation I'm sending to Habitat for Humanity El Salvador:

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