Monday, February 18, 2013

On The Right Track

It always makes me happy to visit new cities that have made positive advances to their sustainable efforts.  Singapore is on the path too, and has three of these awesome solar-powered fans along the harbour of the Kallang River.  The giant blades are activated by motion detectors, using only the necessary energy to provide satisfaction when there are users underneath.
Surrounded by enormous high-rises where bankers and accountants spend the day in A/C, Marina Bay is a quiet sanctuary to come enjoy your lunch.  If it's too hot and sticky like it was when I was there, you can take a break under the Breeze Shelter.
A great drawing of what the promenade looks like with the large fans in the environmentally-friendly foreground of the massive skyscrapers in the background.
Dimensions and description of the Breeze Shelter components.  3500 mm across equates to about 1.5 meter blades...they were massive!
Found the perfect spot for a 'pause point' along the promenade.  An 88 degree day in Singapore after three months freezing my bum in Paris called for a fan break.  This city has found a great method to addmoregreen; I was unable to find any community gardens but there certainly was other green space in the city to relax in.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Power of Juicing

Fruits and vegetables are an integral part of your daily intake; we've heard all the rules about how many and when specifically during the day, but to me what really matters is just making sure they go in one way or another.  If you have ten minutes to spare each day for the sake of consuming something delicious, juicing could be a good way for you to spend that time.  Here's an example of what goes into my juice...

The workstation: cutting board with heaps of delicious fruits and vegetables, compost bucket for food scraps, power juicer, juice collector (I prefer a measuring cup).
A good portion of what you see comes from the gardens and fruit trees at home: chives, kale, silverbeet, starfruit, roma tomatoes.  The oranges and carrots are both organic juicing products from local health food stores.
And a delicious finished product.  I'm not a nutritionist, and don't want to pretend to be a preacher of healthy living secrets...I am, however, a very healthy vegetarian who experiences the delight of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables first hand.  You can read more about what other's have to say here.

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