StartSomeGood is a crowdfunding site for social entrepreneurs; a 'mobilizing platform' for changemakers seeking a community of financial support, skills, and contacts.

Check out Add More Green on StartSomeGood.

You can also keep track of any Updates I share through SSG.

I'm currently working to collaborate with Habitat for Humanity El Salvador.  If all goes well, I can launch a Campaign starting at the beginning of November.  With the two goal funding system StartSomeGood has in place, I will look to raise a $7,500 Tipping Point and a $15,000 Total Funding Goal.

If you're interested in helping spread the word once the Campaign launches, send us a message.

Here's a presentation I recently shared with Habitat for Humanity El Salvador (the slides with videos have simply been replaced by that video...these are 'images' of the slides, the links do not work).  I'm currently awaiting response from them so we can take our next steps...

What is Add More Green?



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