Wednesday, October 24, 2012

They Wrote The Book

Michel and Jude Fanton started an organization in 1986 that in my opinion could solve billions of cases of starvation if their voice were to reach enough of a global audience.  The couple would have been my favorite professors if they had been employed by Babson College while I was there.  Together they bring about a passion in each other to share their vision with everyone listening and have really found an exciting way to AddMoreGreen.  
I recently had the opportunity to visit their house and incredible gardens when they hosted Seed Savers' Open Garden Day at their home in Byron Bay.  The morning was comprised of educational experiences to broaden our fruit and vegetable vocabulary.  They also shared their personal takes on making curry powder, made entirely with home grown ingredients.  Pictured below are just some examples of potential combinations and below that is a chalkboard full of ideas.
 Superfoods rock!
Now on to the real inspiration, for me at least.  Their veggie beds were jam-packed with green goodness of all sorts.  After all of these years figuring out what works best they have a soil consistency that makes you want to bathe in it.  No mulch needed here because all of the bad stuff has already been weeded out...literally.  What makes me happiest is that they've found an incredible way to regenerate and sustain their garden season after self-seeds!  What else could we expect from Seed Savers?
Can you figure out what all of these yummy vegetables are?  Maybe you should get your copy of the Seed Savers' Handbook which is also jam-packed with green goodness.  Listed inside are more than one-hundred veggies, herbs, and edible flowers with information on origins, cultivation, usages and more.
 and it goes on...
 ...and on...
 ...on some more...
 ...they @addmoregreen everywhere!...
 ...and finally to the compost!  I know I'm happy with the compost that brought my garden back to life but Michel mentioned that these guys have a five year plan.  When it comes to thinking about the future it's really important to forget all the negativity, and simply focus on what your needs will be in the coming years.  Composting, self-seeding, saving seeds; all of these components add up to one really important for the future.  We're going to need it, and with the help of Michel and Jude we will all be a little closer to feeding the mouths of many.

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