Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sustainable Singapore

On my recent transit to Paris, I traveled through Changi Airport again and with a 20 hour layover I had no choice but to head downtown to spend the night.  From my last visit to Singapore, I already knew that this city is On The Right Track with its head screwed on tight and a vision towards the future with an understanding of how we must interact with the environment to prepare for the success of future generations.  Once again, I was pleased to see some things that caught my eye and screamed out #sustainability.

This first image, of the side of a delivery truck for mattresses, is a large display that can quickly attract the attention of many people.  Smiling faces are prone to catch the eye of passersby, whether live or on a display.  The message is simple, "Be wise and go green.  Now."  With a world of plants in his hand, this kid is telling us that being more environmentally friendly is as important as a good nights sleep.

This second image, a small green sign, was inside one of the countless bathrooms at Changi Airport.  The small plaque, which was placed above one of the hand dryers, had a simple message as well...STOP WASTING SO MUCH DAMN PAPER, IDIOTS!  One may argue the point that these hand dryers use electricity, but one would also be happy to know that Changi practices some great environmental initiatives that have been recognized internationally.  Travelling through Singapore seems to be a new habit of mine, now that I call Australia home, and I'm happy to take part in and support such a sustainable city.

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