Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Three of a Kind

As the first king sago palm to spread its new wings (leaves really) is starting to resemble more and more the look of a mature cycad (images 4 and 5), two other king sago palms are at different stages in the process as well.  This made for the perfect opportunity to show you in one post what the new leaves look like from start to finish...almost.

This second plant, seen from eye-level and above, is just about where the largest of these three was 7 days ago.  The developing leaves are about 20% of the size of the mature leaves they are growing into.

And the largest of the bunch, this plant only has a few more days to really unfold.  In just over 6 days, these leaves have grown from (image 2) to what they look like below.

Step aside George, this king is almost ready to take his throne.

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