Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Cool Small Town

Collinsville (Connecticut) is full of all sorts of gems.  Growing up in the neighbouring town, I was always familiar with the expansive antiques shops, LaSalle Market, and the picturesque views of the Farmington River.  Another great attraction in this historic village is a seasonal farmers' market that takes place during summer and early autumn months.

When: The market operates from June 8th until October 19th (tentative).  Every Sunday, rain or shine, you can enjoy the market from 10am to 1pm.

What: You can enjoy shopping for produce (fruits and veggies) from over a dozen local farms.  Also on offer, unique products all made from CT grown produce and dairy, from which the farmers make cheeses, spice mixes, flowers, herbs, and much more.

Where: The Collinsville Farmers' Market takes place at the corner of Rt 179 and Main Street (in the Town Hall parking lot). It's located just across the street from the Canton Historical Society (lots to discover there).

All information courtesy of the Collinsville Farmer's Market
All photos courtesy of photographer Paul Kovaleski

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