Monday, September 16, 2013

All Things End - Day 4

It's true, all things do end.  'They' say, "all good things must come to an end".  I think, all things must come to a good end.  Today, our last day exploring, for now.  So far we have toured our way through Days 1, 2, and 3 of these impressive and inspirational gardens.  As these plants, trees, flowers, and bushes continue to grow year after year, they begin looking after themselves and doing what nature intended.  Something that keeps the gardener moving and grooving is tending to the unconventional pots and planters used around here to protect more roots  The plants are truly here, there, and everywhere.

Another entrance to the interior of the Z House lends its space to a Stag Horn Fern and repurposed clay sewer pipes.  Cordylines have found their home in two rather large pipes.

With the sun shining in we can nearly picture the wooden lattice casting it's shadow onto the fern.

From up above (on the roof, and as the sun sets) we can look north towards the Brisbane River.  The native wisteria is really starting to take hold and will soon create quite a barrier for the roof.  I'll let the wisteria do the talking from here...

So, my friends, I hope you have enjoyed my first interpretation of the gardens here at the Z House.  With all of the growth and new life that manifests around this block, you know I'll be back for more.  I admit I went a bit trigger happy with my camera during this first weekend of shooting.  Fortunately, that just means I will be able to highlight other aspects of this space in the future.  For now, we've made our way through (almost every inch, sorry I forgot the Chinese Lantern Mr. Z) what's growing in the soil here.

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