Friday, September 13, 2013

The Front Yard, or the Back Yard, or Which Yard is it? - Day 3

Once you're in, you're in, and there's no turning back.  You lose yourself in the Z House, but it's a good thing.  You start to lose interest in which way is up and how far is south.  Here's some shots of a garden facing north, if we have to stay grounded.

There is no front and back around here, this is simply a skinnier garden with more towering trees looking to break the houses height record.  Peaking their heads above the north facing verandah are natives Celerywood and Tristaniopsis laurina.

From down below, we can see some smaller plants coming into their own.  The gardener has included multiple varieties of native Davidson's Plum.  Pictured here is a Queensland Davidson's Plum, native to northern Queensland.  It just so happens that one variety is named after the lovely town of Mullumbimby I call home (note this variety is endemic to our Rainbow Region).

While this garden is just as important in creating a harmony between earth and building, I know this area will be a focus of mine in the future while it comes into it's own.  For now, we work to continue manifesting this beautiful space into equilibrium.

Check out the Projects page to find what else has been going on around these woods.  Tomorrow, our last Day in the Z House; I hope you have enjoyed the journey so far.

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