Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Outside the House - Day 1

There are those who preach the importance of incorporating the earth and nature among your living environment, and those who live it.  This house invigorates the dweller to immerse themself in the power of plants, to enjoy the beauty that is the physical world.

Over the past 18 months I've enjoyed watching this garden shape itself into a real concrete (brick, I should state) jungle, take note Marley fans.  Each visit to this garden presents something new for all of the senses; I hope you enjoy this journey with me.

Driving along the road, or even searching for the place on Google Maps, the house is beginning to blend in harmoniously with the other organic elements around it.  Vines taking hold here and grass finding it's way there, the brick frame may one day only be visible from inside the house.

Above and below (is a better view) are images of native wisteria the gardener expects to amaze us all soon with its beautiful flowers.  I've also read that this vine grows rapidly, needs ample support to bear its weight, and requires great drainage.  Check, check, and check; this side of the Z House has it all.

This giant species of Java Black Bamboo is already living up to expectations and towering over the house after just a few years.  Any other variety simply wouldn't have created the emphatic statement these culms do; massive black poles soaring into the sky.

So far you've seen the southern and eastern sides to this house's 'exterior' gardens.  This one's going to have to be continued over multiple days, or you'll end up looking through quite a long photo album all at once.  Stay tuned for a better understanding of what I mean putting 'exterior' in quotes, tomorrow we go 'inside'...

If your appetite wants more, start enjoying the flowers around town.

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