Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Grow Your Own...Mints:

Dear Grow Your Own,

As promised yesterday via Twitter, some photos of the mints growing around here:

All of these guys are pretty recent additions...the garden mint is just starting to find it's way through the multiple openings in this terracotta pot.

The mint basil (I happened to get this plant at Byron Bay Herb Nursery) is a great mint variety to add to your collection when your basil just doesn't seem to do so well (mine is pitiful).  The leaves are a bit softer than regular basil, but this herb is a perfect substitute.

Finally, the youngest of the bunch is this peppermint which I just found out is a hybrid of spearmint; the two aren't as different as I thought.

My theory is similar to yours, it's best to grow your own.

What kind of mint do you having growing in your garden?

- Nick

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